Why Mobbing Appears At Work

Mobbing is a devastating phenomenon that affects countless people around the world. However, you may be surprised to learn that although mobbing has been around for centuries, it wasn’t until recently that researchers attempted to understand why mobbing appears in certain environments and situations.

Due to the nature of the abuser

If someone bullies their classmates in school, they will often do the same when they grow up. In addition, people who engage in deviant behavior, such as being abusive or lacking empathy, are also more likely to bully others.

Envy and fear of losing a place

Many times, the people who do this are jealous of the victim. They feel like the victim is a threat to them. They might be afraid that they will lose their job because the victim is better than them in some way. So the abuser tries to make the victim so unhappy that they will quit their job.

mobbing victims

Power and control

People who are bullies often have a desire for power and control. They take advantage of the situation to gain dominance over others through physical or psychological abuse. In most cases, mobbing victims find themselves in a position where they can’t fight back or defend themselves. They can only try to cope with the situation as best they can.


Due to the incompetence of the leader

The boss may resort to mobbing because of a peculiar management style, the desire to compensate for their complex, or simply incompetence. At the same time, groupings within the team can adjoin the leader and thus increase pressure on the victim.

Culture of the company

Finally, mobbing can occur due to the culture of the company. Some organizations have a culture that promotes aggression and competition, which can lead to situations where people bully one another. It often happens when employees compete for limited resources such as promotions or recognition. In these cases, leadership needs to prevent and address mobbing. It is also important for the victims of mobbing to recognize what is happening and seek help from a third party. With the proper support, victims can take steps to protect themselves and find ways to cope with the situation.

Overall, mobbing is a complex phenomenon that can manifest for various reasons. In many cases, it is important to address the underlying causes to prevent and ultimately eliminate mobbing from occurring. By understanding why mobbing occurs and recognizing the signs, those in positions of authority can help end this destructive behavior. With the right support, victims of mobbing can take steps to protect themselves and find ways to cope with the situation.