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Vendor Services

2/3 of software vendors are Zombie software companies who don’t have a message anyone pays attention to and are only generating revenues through maintenance and support. Don’t be a part of the Zombie Apocalypse! Work with Collaborative Shift to get your message across and start generating real revenue. Learn More

User Services

Are you frustrated by collaborative tools that cost you Millions but can’t help you to find the right information or expert to complete your tasks? It is possible to find the right people and information at the right time, and getting your job done early so you can spend more time with your family, as well as being a corporate hero!Learn More

About Us

Collaborative Strategies, Inc. has been focusing on “collaboration” since 1989 and has established itself as an expert on collaborative productivity. We are a strategy and execution analyst and consulting firm that helps people and organizations work with technology to better all aspects of work.  Learn More


We help collaboration vendors get more attention, drive quicker adoption and create more revenues. We work with successful collaboration vendors who are frustrated and are feeling a lot of pressure from competition and providing results to their investors. We help them to better position themselves in the marketplace, discover new business models and advise them in strategic partnerships. As a result of this they get more press, more attention, more distribution channels which leads to more sales… and of course let’s them sleep better at night. We also work with all types of end-user organizations who are dissatisfied with the collaborative solutions they are using. We help them become more effective and engaged, usually without costing them a cent in new software.


David Coleman’s 25 years as an industry analyst have given him the experience, information and contacts that allow him to ask the right questions to drive phenomenal success. But unlike other analysts he has lots of hands-on experience in implementing collaborative solutions. He began his career at Oracle, where he grew his product group from zero to $20m. Being a past CEO of a collaboration start-up, a reporter and scientist all give him the ability to ask the difficult questions and find the unconscious assumptions that can lead you down the path to become a Zombie company.


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